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BBQ Pool Prty

It’s all going down at the Lazyriver pool tomorrow with the fat jue them boyfriend Alltime Djsama and one of Liberia’s professional and most undisputed DJ, Amb Djamerican as they bring you happiness through mixing electronic sounds, while our chef is just awaiting you to full your belly with great foods🧆🍢🍖

What are you waiting for to grab your swimsuit and make a fresh start of this beautiful month of May🥰

Come let’s chill, vibes and have a great experience as we swim, dance and have good memories together 🥂🍾

For more information ☎️ 231-777-555-574 or 231-888-555-563

It’s part timeeeeeee 💃🏻 🕺🏻

Tomorrow ‼️

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