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Birdwatching tour & Brunch

We offer professional Bird Watching & Bird Photography Tour in Liberia

Early morning guide Birdwatching Tours was conducted by our team yesterday on Sunday at 7:30am in our mini forest on Marshall Highway. Jerry is so knowledgeable and he showed us many species of birds.

Thank you very much Birding Jerry and our loving guests for your willingness to accompany us throughout the day. The tour was great, we had fun and make new friends. Some of our guests visited the wildlife sanctuary after completing the tour.

We toke pictures for memories, have a life time experience and end up at the Sunset beach restaurant where we all had a great tasty brunch and lastly everyone who wanted to spend the entire day in our beautiful resort did with maximum satisfaction.

Thank you all for coming and we look forward to seeing you again for the next bird watching event.

For info: +231-777-555-564

WhatsApp: +231-777-555-563

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