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A weekend to pause and restore wellness with LOUVETTE & ERIKA are a combination of Lagoon meditation, moving one's body, open cycle gentle yoga flow, healthy eating, Massage, read, relaxing and exploring the beautiful surroundings. The first day begins with open cycle gently yoga flow while the second and third day begins with Herbal tea and morning meditation at the Lagoon. Meditation walk journaling and posture clinic. From there some days include a Beach sunset watch & dinner, bonfire, manifestations ceremony (dance and let go).

We’re offering a truly unique, once in a lifetime experience.

With the package you choose you will be sure to come away feeling relaxed and refreshed.



DOUBLE: 232 per person

TRIPLE: 212 per person

View the flyer for additional details and timing 🤗

For reservations: +231-777-555-564 or +231-777-928-461

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