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SLIDE, SWIM & DANCE (pool party)

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Let’s be cool and hang out by the pool.

Let’s sip, munch, play, dance and enjoy the sun at your favorite eco-resort. Summer is here, so let’s have some fun for 2 days on this November 29th and 30th. it’s gonna be an outdoor pool party.

As we celebrate William Tubman's Birthday, bring your swimming suit and towel, we will take care of the rest.

Your program:

November 29th:

This pool party will be one of the best ever. Come join DJ Master D and his personal MC as he mix international and best local music by the pool.

November 30th:

Master D and Co continu with our special Host the comedian Bob Wesseh, he will make you laught!!

And our Libassa super star will launch her new album, come discover Diamon.

Date: November 29th and 30th, 2 days

Book your night!!

Gates open: 8am

Music starts at 1pm.

Entry fees: 0-2 years free, 3-9 years 5$/Parson and 10$/person above 9 years.

Drinks and food are not allowed in.

Contact us for food menu.

Thank you and see you there 🎶👍🏽

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