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When you take the time to listen...

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

It has been 10 years I am living in Liberia, 10 years we started this crazy dream of having our lodge in the forest and it became Libassa Ecolodge. More than just a lodge it is a resort!

At first I was so impressed by the quantity of butterflies I could see around me in the Libassa forest, we could have called Libassa the Butterfly city!

Then one day the bird watching club got created by bird lovers, professional guide, good organizer and made this club possible!

I did my first bird watching tour a few years ago with the club, and I can tell you, after you finish your 2 hours of exploring the forest, the birds, listen to Jerry our tour guide, you can't be the same! After this tour, you will start to listen to sounds you used to hear but never really take into consideration, you will start to listen more and you will know how many birds were singing, which type of bird and why...

I highly recommend you join the Bird watching club this Sunday, not only because it is at Libassa Ecolodge ;) but because it will change your perspective about Nature, it will open up your knowledge of what is around us and above us !

Don't forget to book your space ;)

It is this Sunday only and it includes your entire day at LIbassa Ecolodge free entrance + a brunch all included.

Special rate of 90$ for a standard lodge (1 or 2 persons) for those who take the package

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